Saturday, September 25, 2010

Want: Part 1

I'm not a skilled seamstress by any means, but I do have a sewing machine. I admit to having those moments while watching Project Runway, thinking that I'm going to get up after the show and whip myself up a dress. What could be better for a plus size girl than being able to make my own clothes? Sadly, I can't really sew in a straight line nor do I have an invisible seamer. I have been lusting after this outfit since last spring:

It's from Seth Aaron Henderson's final collection for Project Runway. I love the mix of patterns, the strapless dress over the long sleeve shirt, and most especially, the fierce striped leggings. I wouldn't necessarily wear them all together, but I would love to make the dress in a thick flannel or plaid, so that I have some warm items for Scotland this winter. I'm not saying I'm up to Seth aaron's skills by a long shot, but I could probably make a passable strapless dress, and striped leggings. Now if only it would dip below 100 degrees...

Friday, September 24, 2010

Safari Girl

If you've looked at any of my previous outfits, you'll see that I don't wear a lot of brown. I got a new dress from Ross the other day, and I absolutely love it. It has sleeves, so I don't have to wear a cardigan. It's long enough to wear without leggings, and the neckline is high enough without being slutty but low enough that my girls don't feel trapped.

Paired with a For Love 21 necklace

Pretty in Pink

I had an interview yesterday and decided to wear a bright color for once ( I normally stick to dark colors for interviews). Maybe it will stick more in the interviewers minds. I originally bought this dress for my brother's wedding last month, but switched at the last moment. Rather than let it languish in my closet for months because the satin material and low neckline made it appropriate only for semi-fancy events, I stitched up the neckline to more of a work level. Paired with a slim cut black shirt for a more professional look and my black pumps.

Shirt is Torrid (?) and dress is from Ross.

Working It.

Wore a black dress that I've had for a few months the other day. I bought an identical pink one for a co-workers wedding, and the store had a "buy one, get one for a dollar" deal. Since I didn't like any of the other ones, I got the same in black- and promptly forgot about it in my closet. Since I 'found' an awesome red belt in my sister's closet, it seemed the perfect chance to break out the dress.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Stripes 2.0

I literally wore nothing all weekend that could be construed as exciting or fashionable in any sort of way, so I didn't bother to take photos of them. I could retroactively take them, if anyone is interested in seeing workout clothes and the same black yoga pants I wore for 2 days straight, but I sincerely doubt it.

I wore a silver brooch that I created from a broken necklace. Just popped a brooch pin on the back with some glue, and voila! An entire new look. 

Last Thursday outfit:

Friday, September 17, 2010

Stripes and Jewels

(Outfit is from Wednesday)

Very few words today- Comfy outfit to wear for a long day at work and schoolwork! Dress is from Ross, vest is Torrid, shoes are Payless and necklace is probably For Love 21.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Earth laughs in Flowers

I really LOVED my outfit from today. One of the purposes of starting this blog was to shake up my wardrobe a bit- to wear things I normally wouldn't, and to actually wear out in public some of the things in my closet. Today was a triumph of that (and on only day 6!). My typical uniform is a dress over leggings with flats and a cardigan. Today though, I not only wore accenting colors that were NOT black (gasp) but also a belt.
You may bow in awe.
On to the photos:
This dress looks sort of vintage 90's, with the flowers, but is in fact from Torrid. This past summer. Paired with a navy cotton shirt from Old Navy (hehe) and a belt from my sister's closet.
Shoes are actually navy, thought they don't look it from the photos. Payless.
Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe bag. I'm not a huge Marilyn fan, but I like pop art and this bag fits my mammoth laptop.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Blue Moon

I'm always looking for new ways to wear my clothes. I bought this dress (most gorgeous blue) for my brothers wedding a few weeks ago, and since it's strapless, I've been searching for ways to wear it for work or school without showing off too much of my alabaster skin. (that was a joke)
Voila! I bought this men's shirt last year from Goodwill because I liked the stripes, but haven't worn it much since it clearly looks like a man's shirt. Worn with the ever present leggings. I don't actually like how leggings look under dresses, but until my thighs become magically thinner, they will be sutured unto my legs.
These are not the shoes I wore- these are my old black flats that fell apart from constant use. They are now sad shoes.

Weekend Wear

I tend not to dress up too much on the weekend, unless I go somewhere. I work on Saturdays, which means I have to drag my lazy ass out of bed much earlier than usual, thus culminating in looser clothing, messy hair, and a general lack of not trying.
Outfit for Saturday (notice the copious amounts of effort sprinkled through the outfit, aka the necklaces I threw on as an attempt to cover a slight stain)
Floral dress that I bought from Ross a year or so ago- I did wear a black cardigan over it, since the white top means I have to wear a white bra, or my colorful bra shows through. From the rest of this post, you should just assume that I wore a pink bra underneath because it was Saturday and I was too tired to give a shit. Black leggings from Target and the two tangled necklaces are Forever 21...I think.

Green Old Navy dress, Ross long sweater, Target leggings. No idea why I'm clutching that pillow like I'm Mary and Herrod just entered my village. Or why I'm crouching in front of a screen like a fat, tired Geisha. I do love this dress though- it's green, has pockets, and is cotton. It is perfection.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

One Martini

Does anyone else watch Mad Men? I started watching purely for the fashion, but the storylines have really drawn me in. Tom and Lorenzo over at write a Mad Style post and I confess, I tuned into Mad Men the first time purely to see Joanne's amazing 1960's outfits. I absolutely love anything vintage (and no, I refuse to think of the 80's as vintage. If I see another pair of lace leggings, I'm going to go Kathy Bates on their legs), so watching the show is basically me drooling with envy.
I have this dress that I got at Ross a couple of weeks ago, which I mistakenly thought was navy (luv) but is in fact, black. I love the shape of it- even though it's not vintage, it feels like it should be. Plus, the big red sailor buttons don't hurt :) I like to dress up for unpleasant appointments, and I had a dentist one today, so it was the perfect chance to put on some heels.

The dress (with obligatory weird expression on my face)
The shoes are.....Target? I've had them for a couple of years, and the heel is everything I love in a pump.
I like this full shot of the dress and shoes working it, even if my face wasn't, which is why it is cropped out.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fried Green Tomatoes

The weather, it is a 'changing here in Phoenix. Starting to see the faint, faint glimmer of layering on the horizon, which is always key for me. Anytime I can keep the fat rolls soothed and bundled up beneath layers and layers of cardigans and long sleeve shirts is a rockin' good time to me.
The foot accesory:
My favorite new plaid flats. Yes, they are Payless. Sue me- I like cheap things, and Payless has cute, disposable flats for $20. I love the little frippery on the front of them. They don't match with much, but I pretend they match with most things in my closet, so everyone wins!

The Outfit:
Odd pose.

Dress is Target- juniors department. I bought it a few years ago, and it's too small in the boob area, so I wear a shirt under it. Tank is Kohls. Fat legs are all my own. I did wear leggings with it today- I work in a library, so I need to wear something under dresses- but couldn't find them for the picture.