Saturday, September 11, 2010

One Martini

Does anyone else watch Mad Men? I started watching purely for the fashion, but the storylines have really drawn me in. Tom and Lorenzo over at write a Mad Style post and I confess, I tuned into Mad Men the first time purely to see Joanne's amazing 1960's outfits. I absolutely love anything vintage (and no, I refuse to think of the 80's as vintage. If I see another pair of lace leggings, I'm going to go Kathy Bates on their legs), so watching the show is basically me drooling with envy.
I have this dress that I got at Ross a couple of weeks ago, which I mistakenly thought was navy (luv) but is in fact, black. I love the shape of it- even though it's not vintage, it feels like it should be. Plus, the big red sailor buttons don't hurt :) I like to dress up for unpleasant appointments, and I had a dentist one today, so it was the perfect chance to put on some heels.

The dress (with obligatory weird expression on my face)
The shoes are.....Target? I've had them for a couple of years, and the heel is everything I love in a pump.
I like this full shot of the dress and shoes working it, even if my face wasn't, which is why it is cropped out.