Saturday, September 25, 2010

Want: Part 1

I'm not a skilled seamstress by any means, but I do have a sewing machine. I admit to having those moments while watching Project Runway, thinking that I'm going to get up after the show and whip myself up a dress. What could be better for a plus size girl than being able to make my own clothes? Sadly, I can't really sew in a straight line nor do I have an invisible seamer. I have been lusting after this outfit since last spring:

It's from Seth Aaron Henderson's final collection for Project Runway. I love the mix of patterns, the strapless dress over the long sleeve shirt, and most especially, the fierce striped leggings. I wouldn't necessarily wear them all together, but I would love to make the dress in a thick flannel or plaid, so that I have some warm items for Scotland this winter. I'm not saying I'm up to Seth aaron's skills by a long shot, but I could probably make a passable strapless dress, and striped leggings. Now if only it would dip below 100 degrees...