Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Earth laughs in Flowers

I really LOVED my outfit from today. One of the purposes of starting this blog was to shake up my wardrobe a bit- to wear things I normally wouldn't, and to actually wear out in public some of the things in my closet. Today was a triumph of that (and on only day 6!). My typical uniform is a dress over leggings with flats and a cardigan. Today though, I not only wore accenting colors that were NOT black (gasp) but also a belt.
You may bow in awe.
On to the photos:
This dress looks sort of vintage 90's, with the flowers, but is in fact from Torrid. This past summer. Paired with a navy cotton shirt from Old Navy (hehe) and a belt from my sister's closet.
Shoes are actually navy, thought they don't look it from the photos. Payless.
Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe bag. I'm not a huge Marilyn fan, but I like pop art and this bag fits my mammoth laptop.