Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Wear

I tend not to dress up too much on the weekend, unless I go somewhere. I work on Saturdays, which means I have to drag my lazy ass out of bed much earlier than usual, thus culminating in looser clothing, messy hair, and a general lack of not trying.
Outfit for Saturday (notice the copious amounts of effort sprinkled through the outfit, aka the necklaces I threw on as an attempt to cover a slight stain)
Floral dress that I bought from Ross a year or so ago- I did wear a black cardigan over it, since the white top means I have to wear a white bra, or my colorful bra shows through. From the rest of this post, you should just assume that I wore a pink bra underneath because it was Saturday and I was too tired to give a shit. Black leggings from Target and the two tangled necklaces are Forever 21...I think.

Green Old Navy dress, Ross long sweater, Target leggings. No idea why I'm clutching that pillow like I'm Mary and Herrod just entered my village. Or why I'm crouching in front of a screen like a fat, tired Geisha. I do love this dress though- it's green, has pockets, and is cotton. It is perfection.